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3 Pillars of any Successful PowerPoint Presentation

There are multiple components that make an effective PowerPoint Presentation deck. But what are the basics? Read on to find out!


Sleek Powerpoint Template: Content placed on professionally designed slides for an elegant start. Now startups easily have access to ready-to-edit pitch decks, investor decks, and decks as per custom requirements. HappySlide is a presentation agency creating just that for rising startups and thriving businesses.

New is News: Use fresh statistics and market surveys. The market shifts everyday. It is useless to add irrelevant or outdated market data. Adding the latest statistics in business presentations brings a whole new value to your product.

Hold back on lengthy paragraphs or subhead like this one: Sure the slides have to look fantastic but at the end, the audience wants to listen to you. Letting your powerpoint slides speak for you not only limits engagement but also limits your audience from knowing your personality.

Delivery Speech: Practice with confidence in your speech. Confidence is different for each personality. If you look at confidence as certain type of personality, let go of it and be comfortable with your natural flow. It is extremely important to be authentic in a business presentation. Let the audience see your personality and emotions.

Presentation models: Decode the content on screen using story-telling, or with any other interesting method of presentation. Using persuasive models shows creativity and enhances engagement. Each style is unique and compliments different business needs.

Confusion: Avoid making your audience read and listen simultaneously. This means you are either reading from the slides, or not in rhythm with the powerpoint presentation. Both are the worst. Your audience could also miss important elements of your slide design. Keep it simple and together.


A look back: Handouts backs up your pitch. They are an essential to look back on post PowerPoint slideshow. A business presentation is incomplete without handouts.

What’s different: They breaks down the content for deep reading. Each PPT slide contains heavy content and all of it cannot be accommodated on-screen. Handouts are an awesome way to provide a detailed version of any presentation deck.

A well organised take on all three components the secret recipe for a winning powerpoint presentation.

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