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4 Differences Between An Investor Deck And A Pitch Deck

Key differences between sales pitch and investors pitch

Today's youth is penetrating numerous sectors of the market fearlessly using powerful business presentation tools. Excusing the subjective requirements, an individual in 2022 is fully equipped to deliver a winning sales pitch or an investor deck. However, there have been incidents wherein presenters have merged the two PPT decks out of fundamental confusion. Let us look at some key differences between a pitch deck and an investor deck to help you deliver a clear and effective powerpoint presentation.

The audience: Who is your audience? Do they possess any prior knowledge regarding your business or presentation? The audience of an investor deck is always given a prior idea as opposed to a pitch deck audience.

The delivery: In case of an investor deck, the audience if needed can read the business presentation material by itself without the assistance of a presenter. The audience of a deck may not be skilled and hence could require a presenter’s elucidation.

The goal: What is the objective of the PPT? If the purpose is to demonstrate financial topics to business decision-makers of companies, one must follow an investor deck layout. Pitch decks on the other hand come into play while presenting information to potential investors, partners, other start-ups, or employees.

The structure: Investor decks consist of detailed and specific points to focus on one main idea. Pitch decks hold information in much more broader sense comparatively where the contents vary throughout the PPT slides.

Keep in mind the pointers the next time you plan a business presentation. HappySlide helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business firms to create stunning PPT decks that suit diverse business requirements. Call us today!


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