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5 Icon Styles for a Savvy PowerPoint Deck

How often do you browse for slide templates only to get overwhelmed with endless options? Bringing freshness to a powerpoint design is more complicated than it seems. The following classification of icons can help you resonate your business with an icon style. Glyph Icons: The term “glyph” means to represent characters or shapes in a typeface. These monochromatic symbols emphasize simplicity and user-friendly orientation. Isometric Icons: A style of designing three dimensional shapes in two dimensions. Isometric icons gained a mass appeal because they provide depth along with simplicity. Line Icons: Outlines of shapes and objects create line icons. The detailing of the edges gives them their unique charm. These carefully crafted icons, popularized in 2015, are still relevant in the business presentation industry today. Material Icons: A collab between Google and graphic designer Matias Duarte in 2014 created a new visual language. The icons showcase a style where shapes seemed to be stacked over one another using subtle highlights and shadows. Doodle Icons: A hand-drawn touch can be a perfect way to make your presentation your own. They also add quirkiness, create a psychological appeal, and make your powerpoint templates stand out. Being aware of these mini but important design elements can really bring life to you PPT templates. Sit back and let HappySlide be your PowerPoint presentation design expert!

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