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5 Presentation Design Trends Of 2022

This year is packed with big design changes. It's a carnival of classics with brand new twists, read on!

Go Vintage: The design aspects from the 90s and 80s are back! For a state-of-the-art look (and if your business aesthetic allows), elements like neon colors, flashy graphics, vaporwave, and visual table layouts really do the trick.

Memphis Style: Ordinary geometric patterns and shapes is the representation of what Gen Z is all about when it comes to 2022 trends. This hit off like a jungle fire across the globe among young entrepreneurs and startups. This is the “new cool” in the world of boring presentation templates.

More Pictures, Less Text: Didn't you always like a book with more graphics and less textual content? Gone are the days of lengthy powerpoint presentations. This is the era of minimal bullet points accompanied with images, infographics, and vector illustrations.

Less Is More: Speaking of minimal, depending on your business needs, this style is a classic. You can never go wrong with simple presentation design and bold content. You can add that extra oomph by using an earthy color palette, which is also enjoying much love this year.

Typography: 2021 was all about typography in social media posts which quickly seeped into powerpoint as well. It requires the skill to transform long messages in few creatively placed words.

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