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5 questions asked by investors during a pitch

Find out what investors really want to know. In the image: A girl shocked next to a text that reads "it is question'o'clock!"
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You may have incorporated every detail about the company in your pitch deck but investors are always curious. They often have a ton questions ready to throw at the presenters during and after a presentation. Few common questions have made it to the list today. Let’s check it out.

Why now? This could be one of the first questions popped after your PPT presentation. Why now is the right time to start the company? Here, what they’re really asking is why they should invest now, therefore keep your answers inspiring and simple.

Why you? This goes beyond the mere USP slide in a PPT deck. An investor presentation is the perfect opportunity for the team to showcase their personality. Investors invest in people, not business. It is crucial for the presenters to not only convince, but also impress the audience.

What about the competitors? Take this chance to discuss about what you would be doing differently. Investors want to be sure if your’s is the ultimate business they should be investing in. Show them how you stand out in the market. A powerpoint slides dedicated to competitors can help you answer in detail.

What about prior experience? The investors seek surety. They could ask about your prior experience to evaluate how you perform. Adding relevant data goes a long way. Talking about companies you have previously been a part of, or your education background is irrelevant here. Mention specific business developments made by you, or a product you introduced. Towards the end of your pitch deck, you can speak about your specific business achievements.

What about the sales? You might have created an outstanding product but it is barely of any use if you donot have a strong market strategy. The investors will want to know how the product will perform beyond the PowerPoint presentation slides. How will you introduce and generate profit from sales? Being able to communicate a solid business strategy will solve all of their doubts.

Follow these mini guidelines or come up with your own creative ways to present a pitch deck that impresses. Your answers matter more than the presentation slides.

A quick tip: Reading from the PPT slides will lead to investors asking more questions. Elaborate and explain each slide by avoiding reading directly.

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