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Create A Perfect Financial Projection Slide

Financial projections are an integral part of investor decks and pitch decks. They help companies make smarter decisions with accuracy. In a powerpoint presentation, financial Projection can help showcase the predicted cash flow of funds to the investors. Research shows that many businesses fail due to scarce cash flow, therefore, ifs is important to create financial projections not merely for business presentations, but also to support the workflow within the organization.

There are 3 main components in making a complete financial Projection PPT slide:

  1. Income Statement

  2. Balance Sheet

  3. Cash Flow Statement

The income statement PPT slide displays the income and expenses of the organization. This may include various business verticals, segments, and departments.

Post this, the presentation slide must document the balance sheet which showcases the assets and liabilities of the company. Assets usually include the existing strengths and resources that can generate future profits and benefits. Liabilities are the items that company owes to other channels and parties. Lastly, investor deck highlights the Cash flow statement that displays the movement of cash (or money) in the business.

A powerpoint presentation template inclusive of a fiscal projection slide also displays the characteristic of being legally compliant. This also tells the investors that the company is capable of smart decision-making to take concrete steps.

Here are few examples of what a good financial forecasting slide should look like:

Images from

Now, these are merely presentation infographics that donot make up the entire PPT slide. There are custom requirements, additional details, and a basket of changes that have to be placed in a unique business presentation before it makes it to the conference room screen.

Financial records can look boring but with the help of right presentation design and layout, it can do extra wonders. We, at HappySlide, are the masters of great business presentation designs that can nudge you closer to big investments. From start-ups to age-old established brands, we have created mind-blowing custom PPT deck templates for all. Contact us to know more.


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