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Designing PPT for a sustainable business

A minimal powerpoint slide template on sustainable theme
Powerpoint template with sustainable design. Image by Adobe Stock.

The concept of sustainability has blown up to be a billion dollar industry valuing at over $13.76 Bn. In recent years, the government and citizens of metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai have taken strong initiatives towards sustainability. Delhi’s current green cover has exceeded the standard by 3% set for urban cities by the Forest Survey of India. Last year, Bangalore scored 208 on good AQI days due to constant lockdowns, and is set to increase this number. Similarly, Mumbai is set to improve its green cover by boosting tree plantation, currently consisting of more than 30 lakhs identified trees.

With the country taking big steps towards sustainability, the eco conscious industry has thrived like never before. In a competitive economy of this sort, it has become vital to use every platform to standout. Business presentations are a great opportunity for brand marketing. Presentation designs focusing on the green sector seem easy to create but using the incorrect colour scheme or infographics makes an ineffective PPT. In a professionally designed powerpoint presentation, the content and design compliment eachother in a way that both require the other to deliver the message.

So what is different about designing a pro nature powerpoint presentation?

It is not just about green-

While picturing the pitch deck of a sustainable startup, the first thing that comes to mind is the color green. But don't be fooled by the singularity in color. Darker shades have different impact than lighter shades. Other colors like blue, brown, yellow, and white are also shades that add an earthy vibe to a green powerpoint deck. Donot be afraid to use colors apart from green, however it is important to not go overboard with them. Maintain an aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Era of fonts-

Fonts in design have played a huge role in communicating ideas to the mass. Companies specially rely on fonts to create their business identity so why use just anything in a PPT? With various platforms offering powerpoint fonts and designers having the tools to create custom fonts, there is an abundance of themes, styles, and subcategories. In this case, fonts specially made for green design can add that zing to your presentation. These are inspired by the patterns of nature to establish your investors deck as a green one.

Neat Infographics-

Go for minimalist infographics with neat edges in the powerpoint slides to send out your message loud and clear. Studies show that although people want to support green products, they find it difficult to identify them. Labeling accurately and clearly with modern icons help to market and sell the product. The green concept believes in the “less is more” idea of living, which can also be incorporated in the powerpoint presentation design process.

What's in the background?

The background speaks passively about the concept of your business, setting the mood for the rest of powerpoint slides. They provide structure to the design elements like fonts, infographics, images, and the content. For a sustainable business presentation, a white background can really do a lot more than it sounds. Many minimalist designers use white as a base for such concepts involving conservation, and cleanliness. When used with the right font colors, and design layout, white background can make a presentation remarkable.

Use these simple tips to create effective green powerpoint presentation templates. If still in confusion, contact us at to get a custom powerpoint presentation deck designed for keeping the eco theme intact. You can also download ready-to-edit powerpoint templates made for sustainable businesses.

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