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Food Industry: Know These Delicious Presentation Tips

With the global food service market hitting $2540.05 billion in 2022, the various sectors of food industry have begun to devote their resources to good business presentations. Delhi and Mumbai accounted for about 42% of the revenue of the chain food services market in India. Start-ups are penetrating the metropolitan cities with outstanding pitch decks. Investor presentations have become engaging and crisp to withstand the high competition. Business presentation templates have become more audience-centric, following less of the corporate style of PPT decks.

Since food as a concept has endless potential to be played around with, it is important to keep the slide decks as neat and clear as possible. Presentation designers have a thorough eye for how an audience might perceive an idea, and help build custom presentation decks for organizations determined to really stand out. Here's a mini collection of presentation design tips to keep in mind while hiring a presentation design agency.

Keep It White

White backgrounds in presentation design not only brings out the products but also gives a beautiful transparent effect when projected on a white wall. This type of slide deck fuses with the background giving the feel of a live interface. Photo cutouts in the organic shape of the let's say the food platter can help your presentation feel 3D and immersive. View an example of one such projection below-

Although not originally designed for a business presentation deck, the features used here can certainly pass for one. It is easy to go overboard with design elements when presenting on food, hence presentation design experts are swift to keep the necessary in, and the unwanted out.

Present The Website Style

Investors rely on you to present your main idea in the first 7 minutes of the presentation. What if they could read the essentials at one glance? The presentation design agencies took it up the notch this year by merging design layouts from different interfaces to form avant-garde slide decks. Ideas stemming from mobile application interface to web design layouts, business presentations had it all.

Here is the website design mockup for Starbucks:

Below is a 2022-style presentation template:

The above presentation template has followed a website design approach for maximum readability and effortless engagement. This further helps the audience to relate more promptly due to layout familiarity. This approach to investor presentations showcases a glimpse of the virtual aspect of your business, in turn providing a real feel to the investors and boosting their confidence in your start-up.

To get your food start-up up-and-running, present a deck that stands out. Get in touch with HappySlide today, a up-to-the-minute presentation design agency, happy to guide you through your presentation journey. We offer the most stunning and highly affordable slide decks. Custom-build your dreams with us with unlimited reworks.


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