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Create a perfect business plan
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It is all about the right focus. Start-ups that have penetrated highly competitive markets and are successfully attracting strategic profits know exactly what their audience wants to hear.

“Give them an investment pitch, not a product pitch” As a start-up creating your first business presentation, begin thinking from an investor's perspective. Yes, the product is the centre of a product presentation or a sales pitch, but the topic of discussion must matter in a way that is beneficial for both the audience and the business. It is a global phenomenon, investors all over care more about profits than the actual product itself. Presenters spend too much time talking about the various features and the overall specifications of the product which sometimes even extends the standard presentation slide count required for each sub-heading. For effective seed funding, look at the company as a whole, not just as a business delivering a new, wonderful product. Make the powerpoint centred around investment opportunity to really get started. Making the investors aware of the competition, with a brilliant fund ask slide and market analysis can mean nothing if they end up questioning the authenticity.

“But what is it that you're doing different?” This is where an effective business plan comes in. Having a holistic approach towards the powerpoint presentation results in a higher fund ask approval rate.

Components of a wholesome business plan:

Expected Revenue: Simply provide the investors with a statement on the estimated capital in your PPT. Donot elaborate it on, keep it number to number, point to point. Write it for the readers, not yourself.

Fund Requirement: What are the expenses? Any business presentation requires to fill these details like a mandatory survey form-filling. Again, keep it to the point with just including the department and capital amount by creating a two column table in this PPT slide.

Expected Cash Flow: This is really what your investors are expecting to know, the returns on their investment. Make it worth it all. How? Be direct, precise, and honest about the numbers. Having an effective strategy makes an effective business plan.

As a part of a new idea, presenters can go overboard with business plans. A visible confusion in powerpoint slides recently has been a result of start-ups mixing business plan with business strategy, a topic for another blog. Keep it simple.

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