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What is the best way to connect and/or share a pitch deck with potential investors?

Investor Pitch Deck India Bangalore
How to Get Connected with Investors for your Startup

There are 3 basic ways to connect with investors.

  • Top Events. Like anything, the top events work. The rest, not so much. The #1 event for seed VCs is YC Demo Day. But all good demo days bring out some top-tier investors.

  • PR. Yes, PR works with VCs. Get top startup websites and magazines to write about You. Have top influences write about your app. This won’t get everyone’s attention. But it often gets some.

  • Warm Intros. These work in any types of sales, and they work in selling stock especially well. VCs are looking for signals. There are just so, so many early-stage start-ups, so you are looking for signals it maybe, just maybe, can be a unicorn. A top signal is when someone a VC truly respects says “this startup is amazing.” That works. It gets a meeting, like 50%+ of the time. But — many of us don’t have the right connections to get top warm intros. So …

  • Cold Emails. Yes, these do work. But the email has to be great. Here’s the thing. Yes, most VCs would like to fund a company with the most signals, the top warm intro, the best acceleration, the best everything. But — almost every VC reads any amazing email they get. This is the same in most categories of sales. VCs are in email all day long. If you send a mediocre email, or just ask for coffee … you’ll get no response. But if it’s the best, targeted, carefully crafted, incredibly compelling email — it will at least get read. And it may even get a meeting. Try to get contact details from platforms like Linkedin.

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