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Metropolitan Trends and Business Presentations

Though the competition has pierced the sky, certain market sectors have made these densely populated cities their home.

Bengaluru: With three groups like Electronics City, International Tech Park, Bangalore has made it to the list of top IT hubs of the world. The investors are looking to spend substantial funds in this tech city. Gone are the days of generic pitch decks since there are about 67000 registered IT companies in this city, contributing to over 38% of all IT exports in the country.

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Mumbai: Apart from holding the nation's film industry, Mumbai also has a bustling jewelry market responsible for 69% of the total export of gems and jewelry from India. Start-ups in this sector have become extremely brave about their design choices when it comes to their products and investor decks.

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Delhi: The capital of India is the pocket-sized powerhouse of the retail industry. The hiring demand in this sector has shown a significant recovery at 47% year-on-year. Small scale businesses and start-ups have made Delhi their base, in various segments of the retail industry. The PowerPoint presentation designs have shifted to modern styles, focusing on retail business management.

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Being in pace with the trends of metropolitan cities is essential for designing an effective pitch deck, company presentation, or . Keeping in mind the growing cutthroat competition, HappySlide has it all under one roof. It is going to be a whole new experience of custom presentation templates, smooth and upgraded PPT designs, with our Bangalore office soon expanding to Mumbai and Delhi as well. Head to to get started with all your powerpoint presentation needs.

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