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PPT Deck Styles For Fashion Brands

The global fashion e-commerce market valued at USD 668.1 billion last year pushing clothing brands to fashion outstanding business presentations in order to keep up with the booming competition. The PPT Deck creators are constantly experimenting with the structure of powerpoint templates to a point that nearly all experts have moved on to more complex business presentation design softwares. Although, powerpoint is a great tool that can create nearly any presentation design template.

In this highly ambitious framework, business presentations have moved away from the conventional ways of storytelling. Slide decks have become more interactive and engaging. Scroll to view 4 of these state-of-the-art examples of presentation slides for clothing brands.


The area of focus varies for fashion brands which is further reflected in their business presentations. A way to showcase your brand colors is having an obvious, yet elegant color palette presentation slide. Add mini explanations under each color to emphasize their signaficance. Play with shapes and layout of the palette to make it your own.


This brand clearly celebrates youth culture which they have portrayed with the use of pop-pastel colors in each presentation slide. This makes the entire presentation deck look extremely vibrant and young. Another slide template design choice to observe is the use of one product image on each slide instead of having just one slide overflowing with product photos. This is a great way to balance photos in a business presentation while offering the audience a good view of the company's output more thoroughly.


The above slide deck template falls under maximalism, the opposite of minimalim. It is fun, expressive, engaging, with a smart business presentation layout. This type of presentation template works best if your fashion brand has multiple categories waiting to be displayed in the most efficient manner for maybe a sales pitch deck. A collage style such as this one takes into account every little detail of the brand from various fabrics to their varying textures.


If there is something close to bold minimalism, this is it. Made for event presentations, company profile, or marketing, this slide deck almost speaks for itself. This business presentation has used just three main colors to overlap strategically in large areas. Company presentation designers have begun to incorporate unique arrangements of texts, like the one shown here, to create innovative designs for presentation slides. Tiny font size creates an eye-catching contrast, drawing the attention both on the brand identity and its content.

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