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Always add these 3 slides in your investor deck:

Sure investor decks are all about funding, and you might focus all your attention on the “Fund-ask and usage” slide. This leaves other slides looking incomplete resulting in a weak business presentation.

Specific slides give vital information to the investors on why they should be spending on your business.

Include these 3 PPT slides in every investor presentation-

Market Survey: Your audience might not be fully aware of the market trends. As a presenter, your objective is to convince your audience for why investing in your growth is not only worthwhile but also profitable. The “market slide” does exactly that for you. It is a reflection of the various trends that support your statements made throughout the presentation. This way the audience is assured of the consequences of investing in a particular sector.

Business Plan: The presenters often tend to combine 2 different slides in one. This must be avoided at all costs for your business plan. Planning is the first step towards execution, so why adjust it with other slides? This presentation slide demands to be organized with maximum clarity. Furthermore, it helps your audience understand the real capabilities of your business.

USP: Your audience can quickly start to wonder what makes you different from your competitors. Fill this slide carefully with all the unique elements about your product. Missing out on this slide can be heavy on you since it raises questions on your business authenticity.

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Do tell us if this was helpful for your next PPT deck.

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