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Websites Awesome For Market Research Slide

A good market analysis consists of information regarding sectors, target audience, and competitors. The market slide of a PPT deck is an accurate glimpse of the future potential you are about to offer your audience. Make it look, sound, and feel right with the help of this list of websites filled to the brim with a vast collection of data on every business industry. Top on the list, this website has one of the most vast collections of market data providing a free research specialist for quick problem-solving. Due to data being easily accessible here, many free powerpoint presentation templates have been created by internet users using the website. Loaded with insights and facts from 170 countries across the globe, Statista has become one of the traditional choices for market reports in a PPT deck. The website’s primary strength is it's up-to-date graphical format.

The Freedonia Group A branch of, The Freedonia Group publishes more than 100 market studies each year. Sometimes in a powerpoint presentation, we require specific data that may not be available on your fingertips. This website specialises in customised market research which can be crucial for such presenters.

White Papers on Food and Beverage, Pets, & More Does your presentation template include themes of food, pets, or fashion? If the answer is yes, then you are up for a treat. Simply go to the search bar, take “white papers” as your keyword, type your topic and hit enter! You can find endless number of websites providing curated market analysis, trends, and news available all at once. Extremely efficient and reliable, Gfk publishes new market reports and trends weekly. Presenters at times find it challenging to explain the collected statistics. Recently undergoing a massive technical upgrade, GFK is now offering it's customers AI support that provides forecasts and analysis for errorless decision-making during business presentations.

Get ready to be equipped with the most relevant and spot on market statistics available to you now in just few clicks.

If you still find yourself to be running out of time, visit to get your powerpoint presentation tailor-made in a flash by experts.

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