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Write your success story through PowerPoint

A storytelling method for a killer presentation-

Storytelling method in business presentation. An ongoing corporate presentation.
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Have you tried to present a powerpoint in a different way? There are thousands of different persuasive methods used by professionals during a presentation to influence their target audience. Powerpoint presentations can be a gateway to the bigger picture you’re trying to communicate. These strategies will not work unless you are in sync with your PPT deck.

What is Storytelling?

It is one of the most easiest and trending startegies used in presentation templates today. Storytelling is not new to us. It is used by parents to put a child to sleep, but in the business world, it is largely the opposite. Since ages, storytelling has been used to persuade people to make decisions.

Different methods of storytelling is used to make powerpoint slides more engaging and in today we are focusing on one such technique.

The Zoom-in Zoom-out method of storytelling:

In this technique, you are aiming at introducing and displaying the problems and solutions related to your topic at a microscopic level. Let's say you are delivering a sales presentation about your newly launched hotel. You can talk about how a chosen character (we will call him Ram) experiences your hotel. This character could be a real person, fictional, or even you! Describe Ram’s experiences before and after your hotel existed in the said location in the first few powerpoint slides.

It is less demanding to ask an audience to connect at a singular level. You can establish an emotional link using this character in your PPT slides.

When you have introduced the ups and downs of your Ram’s adventures, you can expand it into a bigger picture. Your business presentation is about to get business. How? Let the audience take a step back and see the market as a whole. In this example, you can start the zoom-out process by introducing and analysing the entire hotel sector. The operations, trends, and problems of hotels collectively, and how yours is keeping up with them.

The zoom-out effect intensifies the emotional link by multiplying a single experience into many, enough to form an entire industry.

Use this awesome storytelling technique in corporate presentations to communicate important business goals effectively. Create long-lasting customer relations and clients with the help of smart presentation models.

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